A night about sleep

drinking tea, from my infuse pot, trying to think about tomorrow. the problem isnt sleep, its what should I spend my money on. how does that compute when I was 19… rampant snow falling outside in the street light and I have the best every meal I cant stop to think why do I need money. when you come to the conclusion that “I will buy a house” its too late to wonder. yep, youre in the age of money. rules say that you need to spend this money, pizza used to be expensive, now you can buy every day. and you dont because well I feel like Im robbed every time I by one. btw, dont tell your date this. absolutely not. the best option I think is to avoid the whole subject. robbed by expensive cheese. yep. makes a great story to your friends… “I told her cheese on pizza was expensive and she left”

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so if it evens out, thats a manly ideal.. I tell all my friends that cheese is expensive and hammer it down. these detestful friends will always be there. well not in the manner you think, they are detestful because they just want to show you that they have more money then anyone else. and like ok I get it you buy pizza. I chug 5 energy cans a day… my excuse is that it said on the label that it contains vitamine B12. so thats it. you need to fill the cups. my friends are all alcoholics and I tell them, exactly so. a six pack a day is intoxicating, and if you know what, they all are functional in society with girlfriends and also kids

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so I wanted to end the line with a hallow construct.

entrepreneurs of betlehem would ask you what a energy drink is. and you would simply respond ‘beer’. end of discussion.

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